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Is Brooklyn Drill Music bringing back the New York Sound? As of 2021 we have seen tons of media outlets and other celebrities anticipate the release of one of the Brooklyn owns Bobby Shmurda. The Hip Hop industry praised Bobby Shmurda because he did not snitch when he got arrested in 2014. What really did it for Bobby he helped his best friend Roddy Rebel in many ways? When Bobby Shmurda dropped his Hit Single “Hot N*gga” he brought his best friend with him and Roddy started his rap career. You have seen their energy together was legendary. They came…

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

We are born in life to succeed at something. We spend a lifetime trying to perfect a craft that we are interested in. That means following your passion to make income, showing the world we are the best at it, and building a huge following.

In life you can be a leader or the follower. To be someone in life you must accomplish your DREAM by defeating all obstacles and becoming an innovator. We are trying to become legendary. We are chasing history, consciously knowing we want to be successful with money. We want to create a lifestyle for generations…

Lamar Porter

College Grad ! Preschool Teacher ! Traveler ! A Poet, A Writer ! RAW !

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